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Community Life Connected Map

Connecting our environmental community groups with others in West Berkshire – facilitating sharing, learning and helping strengthen our climate action

Being connected with others in our community can make a real difference in all sorts of ways.

The map below is a growing community resource and offers access to local community groups working to improve West Berkshire’s environment. Find out what is going on in your local area, connect with your community, and find volunteering opportunities. Groups can also support each other and find ways to work together by connecting through the map.

West Berkshire Council are happy to provide support, community clean-up equipment and funding where possible to environmental groups in the district. West Berkshire Council declared a climate emergency back in 2019, and understands how vital it is to all work together to reach carbon neutrality whilst protecting and enhancing our natural environment. 

Get in touch with West Berkshire Council here: [email protected].

You can use the ‘Filters’ option to find a specific group or enter the first part of your postcode to see what is available nearby. We also suggest that you take a look around the map without filters – you may find a hidden gem, an opportunity that motivates you or helps you to make new connections within your community.

Searching the map really is ‘aDoddle’ – Click on any of the points on the map & it will show the name and basic information about the organisation. To find out more click the project title.

Make sure to click the heart icon on your favourite groups so you can find them easily!

You can stay up to date on discussions and events by following links within each group’s profile



We take great care to make sure that the information contained in the Community Map is reliable. Please be aware that it is the responsibility of the creator of the profile to ensure that the information provided is accurate and not misleading.

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